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In 2015 a relative of ours in Italy introduced us to our first extra virgin olive oil from Abruzzo Italy, this is my fathers heritage. After visiting Italy for the first time when I was 18 years of age and living there in the late 90’s I always dreamt of Italy also being my home like Australia my native home. As my nonni (grandparents)mother, came to Australia in the 50’s and my father arriving in the 60’s), It was starting to be obvious  the “made in Italy” was of a recognisable understanding of instant quality. Sadly on my father, nonni and uncles on my fathers side have passed away, so our link with our heritage of Italian food and travel still lives on and I’m passionate about educating others on the health benefits, and happiness through this good food and travel.

We took a family trip last year to Italy, visiting Abruzzo, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicily and Calabria (my mothers heritage). It was obvious there was a pull for me to initiate a link of sharing the quality food produce and organizing amazing foodie tours for the lovers of Italy.

We visited Famiglia Montecchia and initiated our relationship to  begin to share their mastery of the first cold press extra virgin olive oil. They adopt flavours in  their produce and of their oil oraganic, DOP (Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta-Protected Designation of Origin, laws that protect the names of specialty food products with a specific geographic origin) , delicate, classic and tortiglione.

We are happy to offer these products exclusively now in Australia. If you are interested in purchasing the finest Italian food, please contact us today. We now begin  to chase the excellence of quality in Italian produce and tours. Together with the products and service we source in Italy, we base ourselves in Melbourne and travel to Italy to share and offer a consistency of quality food and tours BOOK HERE to our clients.

Our produce gives a “Taste of Italy” and our tours give a pleasure of  “Livin la Dolce Vita”. Our dream has now become reality, we welcome you to taste and holiday ECCELLENZA– Excellence Made Italy!

Gilda De Marcellis – Ryan

Owner & Founder Of Eccellenza– Excellence Made In Italy

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