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What makes your Italian Products Unique?

We go personally to Italy on several occasions and Hand Select Food and Wine products to have Exclusively for ECCELLENZA-Excellence Made In Italy products in Australia. We ship most of our products at temperature controlled so quality is not comprised. On most occasions the products are in Australia for the first time. We pride ourselves on quality artisan authentic made Italian products.

We support Italian Small Business Operations In Italy, not commercial and comprise quality.  It’s about quality not quantity, we choose quality for our clients. The Made In Italy product excels in Excellence, the difference is in its taste. Very importantly we believe an authentic best tasting product comes from the origin where it was born, hence the quality as its usually been crafted for hundreds of years, usually through family tradition. As a result, it’s obviously the original not counterfeit, copied or fake.

It makes a great difference when your taste a product where it has been born/originated. Its like saying why do you want a fake or a copy when you can have the real genuine product? Its all in the taste and its better for your health!


If you have purchased a product in our boutique previously and cannot find it online:

If you cannot find a product online on our e-Boutique, it may be for several reasons:

  • In our Boutique or warehouse there is little stock remained or has been discontinued, so it has been removed
  • The product has currently sold out and waiting on the next container to arrive from Italy.
  • The product cannot be shipped because it is very fragile or requires refrigeration.

Please feel welcome to ask for further information either by email to: or call 0433 136 586, were always happy to assist further.

Do online prices differ or are the same to the boutique at Mt Eliza?

Usually stock prices are the same from time to time we offer special promotions or discounts on individual items or product categories which may be exclusively in-store or online.

What payment methods do you accept online?

Online e-Boutique purchases can be made with various payments we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. All transactions are processed securely via Stripe.

Can I order online and pick up from the Boutique in Mt Eliza location?

Yes, you can by clicking pick up from our boutique location at Mt Eliza. We will contact you when your order is ready to be collected.

If I have made an error or changed my mind with online purchase?

Please contact us as soon as possible on 0433 136 586 or 0435 959 240 so we can assist or correct the order as soon as possible before shipping.

I am unsatisfied with a product, what is ECCELLENZA Excellence Made In Italy Product Returns Policy?

There may be reasons why you may be unsatisfied with a product and may want to return it. For all returns and exchanges we request and require a receipt or valid proof of purchase. Please see below reasons.

The product is faulty.

Please contact us immediately or within 7 days of delivery. If it can be established that the product was sold to you as faulty, we will be happy to offer you a refund, a product exchange or a credit note in accordance with your statutory rights under the Australian Consumer law and relevant state legislation.

Change Of my mind about a purchase.

We Kingly ask you please make your decisions sensibly. Our website is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision on your purchase. If you do change your mind on a product, please contact us immediately or within 7 days of delivery and we will make every effort to find a pleasing solution. Also, as a valuable service offering our retail staff is available 7 days a week by phone and/or e-mail to provide you with advice and information.

Customers who are food sensitive or have food allergies

If you choose to have only certain foods eg; vegan, vegetarian, religious or ideological purposes, please consult ingredients in choosing the correct products. If you react to a product eg: gluten free or have certain allergies, please ensure you understand what ingredients are in the product as it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the product. We ask kindly if you could double check by seeking before purchasing product especially if unsure as it will make a  advice from Retail staff cannot be responsible

Any customers with food sensitivities or allergies, on medication, or with a history of adverse reaction to unfamiliar food products, please ensure to double check all ingredients. If in doubt, please call us in relation to the product for further assistance. For medical purposes also you should seek advice from a qualified professional before purchasing a product.

I started using or consuming the product, but I don’t like the taste or product anymore

ECCELLENZA- Excellence Made in Italy cannot be responsible for individual, personal or palettes as flavours/tastes/styles are subjective to each person differs. What is pleasant/suitable to one person may be unpleasant/unsuitable to another’s individual taste palette or style. It doesn’t mean the product is faulty, or that ECCELLENZA- Excellence Made In Italy’s or the product’s manufacture is at fault.

Our Italian food and wine selected  products are genuine authentic from the 20 regions hand selected across Italy which are typical products (prodotti tipici) which are artisan produced, making it a specialty product. The diversity offered from the different regions, result in different tastes, textures, aromas which vary on contrast significantly from similar products which are commercially produced.

How do I return a product I purchased online?

If this is not possible to come to our boutique, the item will then need to be shipped back to us. Please call us or email us to discuss the situation of the product return and to receive further advice on returning the product. If you live in the Mornington Peninsula area, a good idea and the easiest way is to return it to the Italian Fine Food & Wine Boutique in Mt Eliza.

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