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Barolo Ciabot DOCG 2014


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In northwestern Italy, between Turin and Genoa, the famous Piedmont wine region is located at the foot of the Alps. Piedmont literally means “at the foot of the mountains”. This area, with a continental climate, mainly produces red wines from the Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo grape varieties.

When it comes to the region’s two great wines, alluvial soils translate into elegance and perfume; clay translates into structure and strength, hence Barbaresco’s reputation as the Queen and Barolos as the King – in her you will find the rose petals of the Nebbiolo, in him you will find the powerful tannins.

Cantina del Ciabot is located in the town of Farigliano in Piedmont and was founded in 1896. The 4th generation of the Fia family is now at the helm. They own vineyards from Doglianese to Roero.

The Barolo is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. Due to its long aging (40 months) in large oak barrels, it is brown-red in color.

Flavor description
It has an extraordinarily rich fragrance with a floral and smooth attack, but its powerful aftertaste reveals that it can also age well.

Wine and food combination
If you want to enjoy it now, serve it with stewed dishes and strong-tasting meat and game dishes.

Grape varieties

Ciabot 1896 DOCG Piedmont Italy produces Premium Fine Wines exclusive to Eccellenza Australia.  Ciabot recommends you drink Barolo once a year! Excellenza recommends why not!