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Slow Dried Pasta:

Slow drying pasta is very simply pasta that has been given time to dry slowly.  This is vital because by slow drying the pasta it means that the pasta is dried over a long time to let it relax when it dries.  This is different to mass produced pasta which is heated to high temperatures which essentially cooks the pasta.  When the pasta is dried quickly it becomes more brittle and is much harder to digest as well. Slow dried pasta is more flavoursome and easier to digest it feels much lighter when you have eaten it.  Normally people who feel bloated after eating mass produced pasta will really notice the difference when eating slow dried pasta.

Bronze Drawn:

This is another really important term that means that the pasta have gone through a bronze cutter to shape the pasta.  This is very important because normally the pasta goes through the machine slower and from the bronze cutter it gets a rougher texture.  This rough texture is more pleasurable when you eat the pasta but also gives the pasta the rough texture to hold the pasta sauce.  When you have finished a plate of bronze drawn pasta all of the sauce should have held onto the pasta and not be in the bottom of the bowl.