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Buckwheat Flour Fusilli Gluten Free 250g

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Pasta Natura Piedmont Italy exclusive to Eccellenza Australia.

Premium Gluten Free Buckwheat Fusilli Pasta.

This perfectly rough gluten free pasta is perfect for those who love Mediterranean diet and it is specifically formulated for people who are intolerant to gluten.
Pasta Natura company guarantees a short supply chain from the cultivation of cereals and legumes to the production in the plant.
All raw materials come directly from Piemonte countries in order to create an environmentally-friendly  production: even the package is completely recyclable.
Only the best GMO FREE grains are chosen to make the gluten free flour for this pasta, which keeps all its original flavour up to your table, thanks to the slow drying at low temperatures.



Buckwheat is a cereal rich in mineral salts, iron, selenium, zinc, protein (19%), essential amino acids and essential antioxidants (rutin and tannins). It is perfect for those people who suffer from coeliac disease, since it is naturally Gluten Free.

Instructions for a perfect cooking:

Pour water in a big pot (1lt of water each 100gr of Pasta) and add a spoon of olive oil.
Bring to boil and add salt.
Add pasta and let it cook checking the cooking time written in the back of the package. We recommend to taste it several times, especially at the end of cooking, to check that the degree of cooking is the desired one.